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When you or a loved one experiences a head injury, either during sports, a car accident or other kind of trauma, the first 24 hours is critical.


Elevate Health Clinics is a specialized practice treating individuals with head injuries, including concussion, in a holistic way. We help patients not only with diagnosis and treatment of head injuries, assisting with everything from counseling to biofeedback but also other needs, such as finding related health providers and even legal assistance for accident victims.

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Jeffery Bullard is the Chief Medical Officer for Elevate Heath Clinics. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming before moving to Nebraska for his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Creighton University’s School of Medicine, and then completed his Family Practice Residency in Norfolk, Virginia.

Upon finishing his residency, Dr. Bullard returned to North Texas. He founded MaxHealth in 1998 with a passion to change the delivery of medicine. He was also a pioneer in changing the accepted norm of long wait times and impersonal medical care by structuring schedules that allowed both scheduled and walk-in appointments each day and offering patient-friendly hours. This concept was later coined “open access” and has become a standard in quality care.

After being featured in a 1998 Dallas-Fort Worth healthcare journal in recognition for his progressive thinking, Dr. Bullard hasn’t slowed down. He and his team have expanded from the traditional family practice service offerings to conveniently and proactively help patients shift their focus to wellness. Dr. Bullard spends much of his time teaching throughout the country on topics ranging from the diagnosis and treatment of depression to hypertension management. Additionally, he is used as a consultant on healthcare delivery and the effective use of information technology in medical practices. Dr. Bullard has been honored by being voted a TopDoc of Ft. Worth and has been featured multiple times on the television show TopDocs of DFW.

Dr. Bullard strives to practice what he preaches. He, his wife Molly, and their sons Max and Zak keep active with skiing, snowboarding, boating, wake-boarding, scuba diving, and hiking.

Mandeep Chahil is the Medical Director and Director of Neurology for Elevate Health Clinics. He knows that prompt and accurate diagnosis is the key to treating traumatic brain injury, and it’s his goal to give patients answers about their condition quickly. “In the world of neurology, the key in treatment lies in expeditious neurologic diagnosis which we here at Elevate strive to achieve.”

Dr. Chahil completed his neurology residency at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, and went on to complete a fellowship in Neurophysiology with emphasis on neuromuscular diseases as well as neuro-intraoperative monitoring. He is a Board-Certified neurologist and serves as the stroke director at Baylor Scott and White All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as serving as the medical director and director of neurology at Elevate Health Clinics. He’s also a partner in the largest private neurology practice in Fort Worth, Texas.

He feels his work at Elevate Clinics is important because of the team approach to recovery. “We understand that even a minor injury can lead to significant neurological issues, and that’s why we have a dedicated team in place to have patients undergo a thorough neurological evaluation by a Board-Certified neurologist and comprehensive neurocognitive/neuropsychology testing to make a prompt and accurate diagnosis.” Because quick diagnosis is so important, Elevate Health Clinics has locations in both Dallas and Tarrant Counties, and their Dallas clinic is equipped to see both pediatric patients 12 years and older as well as Spanish-speaking patients.

“We customize treatment on an individual basis to ensure that patients recover as quickly as possible. This includes vestibular/balance therapy, electroencephalography testing, and diagnosis of nerve and muscle disorders with electromyography and nerve conduction testing. We also offer licensed counselors to help patients that are suffering from psychological injury from concussions.”

Dr. Chahil is inspired by what he sees every day, in terms of patients’ level of recovery, and what’s new in the field of neurology. “There is so much that we can do today for various neurological conditions which was not possible before.” Those advances have led him to believe that with the right team and the right plan, recovery from brain injury can be even more complete.

Kim Johnson is the Director for Neuropsychology for Elevate Heath Clinics. As a young medical student at Southern Methodist University, she found she was passionate about medicine, but she wasn’t interested in just treating symptoms. She wanted to treat people. “I was intrigued by my psychology courses, and I found a happy medium between that and medicine through the field of neuropsychology. It looks at the body and the brain, and how one affects the other.”

The field of traumatic brain injury is complicated, and physical tests can only show so much of what’s going on, says Dr. Johnson. And that’s where she comes in, bringing peace of mind to patients by confirming things that you can’t see on scans and physical testing. “The results of neuropsychological testing help confirm symptoms. Your MRI may reveal that everything looks ‘normal,’ but my testing reveals mild deficits that impact brain function. This information validates the patient’s very real symptoms that may not always be obvious.”

Dr. Johnson gained valuable experience at the Texas Tech Health and Sciences Center, as well as running her own private practice for 11 years. Dr. Johnson came to Elevate Health Clinics because of the way patients get a specialized team to manage different aspects of care, all under one roof.

“They say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ Well, I believe it takes a team to treat a patient. The specialized team approach that Elevate Health Clinics offers is the comprehensive, cutting-edge care patients are seeking when it comes to addressing their medical injuries and concerns.” 

Kassie McElroy’s life changed forever 20 years ago, when her father was in a car accident. “He was in the ICU for days afterwards. When he finally woke up he made a full physical recovery with the help of physical therapy. But cognitively, he wasn’t the same. Everyone said it would just get better on its own. They didn’t have any ideas of how to help.”

That experience has informed how she approaches care for patients with a traumatic brain injury now, decades later. “I want to not only help patients get their physical abilities back after an injury, but help with the mental health aspects, too.” Kassie helps patients work through a variety of cognitive assessments and testing that will direct their care to focused centers of the brain where deficits are present. In addition to the different cognitive assessments, we also offer several patient-focused therapies to help patients recover once the deficits have been identified.

At Elevate, Kassie takes the time to help families understand what’s going on with their loved one, just like she wishes someone had done with hers. Our protocols are just as individual as each patient we see. “I like that we care about our patients, and each patient’s care is geared towards their specific situation–not just a protocol that we follow.”

Kassie knows more than anyone that life doesn’t just return to normal after a head trauma, but that you can get there with the right specialists. “I want to help give TBI patients their life back so they can live like they did before their head injury.”

For Neuro Physician’s Assistant Blair Rose, her work with brain injury is personal. “My daughter Dakota was born with hydrocephaly. She had surgery for the first time at 6 months old to have a shunt put in her head because her body couldn’t drain the fluid from her brain.”

That experience inspired Blair to go into neurology as a physician’s assistant. She’s seen firsthand the impact that the right therapy can have on brain injuries. “Dakota was a whole new kid after surgery. She goes to therapy, and it has helped her excel in ways that are amazing. Most people don’t realize she has a brain injury/condition. She’s right on track with her peers now.”

She brings seven years of experience as an ER nurse to her position at Elevate Health Clinics. She has seen it all, and she loves the team environment here. “Every patient gets a team effort. We all help each other and working toward the best interest of the patient. It’s a fun environment.”   

Having personal experience with brain injury means that Blair understands the importance of a comprehensive approach. “We do neurocognitive testing, break it down, show every area of the brain affected.” Elevate also has resources in the community to refer patients to other professionals that can help, from physical therapy to chiropractic care. “It’s a holistic approach to health,” says Blair. “It gives our patients a place to go when they know they need treatment for brain injuries. We are trusted in the community to provide the best care.”

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