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If your child has suffered a blow to the head or experienced other head trauma and may have a concussion, it’s important that he or she receive a full evaluation by an experienced team of specialists to ensure a proper recovery.

At Elevate Health Clinics, our pediatric concussion experts will thoroughly assess your child to determine if a concussion has occurred, evaluate his or her cognitive function, and let you know when your child can return to normal activities.

Allowing your child to fully recover from a concussion is essential for preventing other complications down the road. 

Your Child will benefit from:

  • Prompt Evaluation: Your child should be evaluated as soon as possible after a suspected concussion and try to schedule appointments within a day or two of the injury. We’ll perform a physical exam and assess your child’s cognitive function through tests of attention, memory, vision, reaction time, and other mental abilities. In some cases, we perform neuro-imaging such as MRI.
  • A Roadmap to Recovery: We’ll customize a recovery schedule for your child, recommending a period of rest and reduced activity followed by a gradual return to physical and mental activities, with the goal of a full return to regular levels of schoolwork and sports when your child has fully recovered. We use a series of cognitive, balance, and neuropsychological tests to help determine when your child is ready to return to play and school.
  • A Family-Centered Environment: You know your child better than anyone. As parents, you are vital mem- bers of our team. We’ll rely on you and your child to let us know if your child is experiencing sleep problems or head- aches, is having trouble concentrating in school, or seems anxious, irritable, or out of sorts. That kind of information is helpful to us in assessing your child’s recovery from a concussion.
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