Risk of Head Injury Increases Each Summer

brain x ray mild concussion

The CDC reports that head injury resulting in hospitalizations are up again this year, the result of more people being on the road during summer travel. But it’s not just summer travel that raises the risk for a concussion. Summer brings a few other risk factors which may not be as obvious as car accidents.

  1. Water. Everyone loves being around the water during the summer! But water also means wet, slippery surfaces. Head trauma is likely to occur when people are running on wet concrete. It can also occur when people dive in an area where the depth is not known, or if you’re pulling skiiers or tubers while driving recklessly. Remember, crashing on the water is a lot like hitting cement in terms of the forces involved.
  2. Wear a helmet. Whether you’re out for a century ride, taking a cross-country motorcycle trip, or just going down the street to your best friend’s house, wear a helmet. Helmets are key to avoiding or lessening TBI in the event of a car accident.
  3. Stay hydrated. Hot summers can lead to dehydration or heat exhaustion, and you don’t get to choose which way you land if you pass out. Be sure and take more water than you need or plan your route around water stops if you’re out hiking or running in high temps.

Of course, summer car travel and road trips mean more people are out on the highways, and that’s another reason for the increase in traumatic brain injuries over the summer months. Always wear a seat belt when you’re in the car, whether you’re going 2 miles or 200. Most importantly, if you suspect that you, a friend or loved one has sustained a head injury, get them seen by a doctor within 24 hours.

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