Would You Know How to Help a Concussion Victim?

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A former star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is asking for witnesses of her friend’s car accident to come forward with information. After Canadian model Melyssa Ford flipped her Jeep and suffered a cracked skull and a traumatic head injury, RHoA star Claudia Jordan took to Instagram to find witnesses. She says the concussion left Ford with no memory of the accident.

Photos posted to Instagram show a Jeep resting on it’s open top and bystanders providing aid to the badly injured Ford. Jordan says Ford was swearing her seatbelt and driving on an L.A. freeway when an 18-wheeler merged onto the roadway. The truck got too close to Ford’s Jeep and clipped a back tire, sending the Jeep somersaulting down the road three times before coming to a stop on its top. Authorities have not said if they found the truck driver.

What’s AVPU?

If someone is injured and you suspect they might have a concussion, what should you do? Here’s a handy acronym: AVPU. A is for alert. Can the concussion victim follow your finger with their eyes? Do they seem to know what’s going on around them or are they in a fog? V is for voice. Are they hearing and answering questions? Do they understand what people are saying? P is for pain. Does the victim respond to stimuli, like a light pinch or jab? Do they open their eyes or flinch? U is for unresponsive. Is the victim conscious or able to stay conscious?

If You are First on the Scene, Don’t Do This

If you are the first responder to a possible concussion victim, immobilize the head, apply ice, and ask the patient simple questions until EMT or other medically trained help arrives. Do not administer over-the-counter pain meds, as many of these can increase bleeding. Let the responder know the results of the AVPU code if you had a chance to do it before they arrived.

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