How Do Concussions Affect Kids with ADHD?

brain x ray mild concussion

A new study is just starting to look at the effects of concussion on student athletes who also have ADHD.

The initial study, comprised of just under 1,000 student athletes, found that individuals who had a diagnosis of ADHD and had suffered concussion scored higher on measures of anxiety and depression compared to athletes who had suffered concussion but had no history of ADHD, or those who had ADHD but no concussion injuries.

However, lead researcher Robert Davis Moore of the University of South Carolina, which conducted the study, says this small sample is the just start of answering how the two conditions interact, and not the end. “This study is a starting point,” Moore said. “It tells us this is something that requires longitudinal studies.”

The study authors say it’s too early to tell if student athletes with ADHD should treat concussions differently than other patients, but say it’s possible ADHD students have a harder time dealing with the stress of being sidelined after recovery. After concussion, it’s recommended that students stay away from sports until they are fully healed, and now doctors are finding that it’s necessary they take a break from the classroom, too.

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