Dallas Cowboys Player Blacks Out, Causes Car Accident Following Concussion Injury

brain x ray mild concussion

We’ve all heard about car accidents causing concussions, but what about concussions causing car accidents?

That’s what happened to Dallas Cowboys star David Irving. Irving was sidelined after a concussion in a November 2017 game against Washington. Initially team doctors were being cautious by holding him out of play, but it was soon evident that Irving would be out for the rest of the season.

Part of what influenced the decision to pull Irving was the persistence of something we have written about before: Post-concussion syndrome. In Irving’s case, the symptoms were extreme and they severely impacted his daily life: “It’s hard to put my words in order,” Irving told a reporter with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’ll be talking and I’ll know what I want to say but then when it’s time to talk, I can’t say it. I look like a deer caught in headlights. I couldn’t have said that a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

“It wasn’t just headaches. It was confusion, just forgetting things. It did scare me at first. You know for a while it didn’t seem like it was getting better. I’ve never really had one this bad.”

At one point, Irving’s symptoms were so bad, he says he suffered a mental lapse while driving: “I rolled through a stop sign and got in a fender-bender with the truck ahead of me, and didn’t even realize what I’d done or where I was. That’s when I knew I needed help.’’

A complicating factor in Irving’s case may be a past history of concussion, since they are common in a sport like football. Past concussions put you at an increased risk for more serious symptoms with each subsequent concussion. A history of serious concussions can lead to fatal complications such as CTE, which can only be diagnosed following death.

His story serves to highlight how in some people, symptoms of concussion are slow to develop and only come out over time.

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