Five Unusual Signs of Concussion Following an Accident

brain x ray mild concussion

You get in an accident. The car has some minor damage. You are for the most part seem fine except for anxiety and tense muscles. Same goes for your passengers.

What do you do? Accidents where no one appears injured don’t require you to call the police. The problem with just walking away from an accident like this is that many times, concussion and whiplash symptoms don’t show up until a day or two later, even if you never lost consciousness.

Here are five common signs that you’ve experienced a concussionphysician detecting concussion after car accident

  1. Confusion or amnesia.These are hard to pick up on immediately following an accident because everything happens so fast. It may not be until days later that you realize you can’t remember some things or have trouble concentrating. These are symptoms that you’ve experienced a concussion.
  2. Disruption in sleep patterns.This can express itself in a number of ways, including sleeping too much, having trouble sleeping, or having difficulty falling asleep.
  3. Headaches often follow concussion, and may be accompanied by blurred vision. Headaches may be persistent or get progressively worse.
  4. Seeing stars or ringing in the ears. These two symptoms are often caused by a blow to the head, and may persist afterward.
  5. You might feel nauseous, light-sensitive, or dizzy after experiencing a head injury. If you vomited after the accident, you have suffered a concussion.

Remember not to confuse concussion with a physical injury that you can see. Concussion is an injury to the function of the brain, and that’s part of the reason it’s so hard to diagnose. Always get the other driver’s insurance information, even in a minor fender bender, so that you can get the care you need if concussion symptoms arise later. Ideally you should contact the police and get a police report on file.

In order to provide the best concussion care, we need to see patients within 24 hours of an accident if possible. Elevate Health Clinics has its primary location in Dallas across from Baylor Downtown for your convenience, as well a trusted network of providers to help you get the care you need. From chiropractors, orthopedics, and pain management specialists, to finding an attorney to help bring your accident claim, we can help you get all your accident needs managed so that you can focus on what’s most important: your recovery. Make an appointment today by calling 855-435-3828, or email us at

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