Delayed Symptoms of Concussion

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Concussion doesn’t always show up immediately following a traumatic head injury. It’s common to hear stories of people sustaining major head injuries, such as in car, bicycle, or motorcycle accidents, and walking away or insisting they don’t need help, only to collapse later.

Part of this phenomenon is caused by the fight or flight response. After an accident, our system is flooded with adrenaline, which keeps us from feeling the full effect of an injury. But the other part of it is that concussion can take hours or days to manifest fully.

In fact, you don’t have to sustain an obvious blow to the head or lose consciousness to experience a concussion injury. Concussion occurs when the head is jolted so hard that the brain moves inside the fluid that protects it, and bumps up against the inside of the skull. It generally hits where the blow occurred and then on the opposite side as well.

This jostling in the skull prompts a sort of “reset” in the brain. That’s why concussion symptoms cover such a wide array of behavior. Everything the brain controls: thought, emotions, sleep, and the body—is affected by concussion as the brain attempts to reset. That’s also why many concussion symptoms are delayed.

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Some physical symptoms are common, such as headache and nausea. But patients also report delayed symptoms such as trouble with sleeping, focusing, appetite, and keeping their mood in check. The best way to recover is to see a medical professional, and rest. You may have to rest for up to four weeks for the symptoms of concussion to pass.

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